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ChaosBlade Maintainer Promotion Notice -- CHAO YUANNING

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ChaosBlade is an open source chaos engineering project of Alibaba in 2019. It includes chaos engineering experimental tool chaosblade and chaos engineering platform chaosblade-box. It aims to help enterprises solve high-availability problems in the cloud-native process through chaos engineering. The experimental tool chaosblade supports 3 large system platforms, 4 programming language applications, involving more than 200 experimental scenarios and more than 3000 experimental parameters, which can finely control the scope of the experiment. The chaos engineering platform chaosblade-box supports the hosting of experimental tools. In addition to the hosted chaosblade, it also supports the Litmuschaos experimental tools. There are more than 40 registered companies, of which the ICBC, China Mobile, Xiaomi, and other companies have landed and used it.image.png

After nomination and discussion of all Maintainers, the community is pleased to announce, CHAO YUANNING(GitHub ID: @ID:Yuaninga ,CMCC · CMChaos Chaos Engineering Platform )Officially promoted to ChaosBlade Community Maintainer. In the past period of time, student Chao Yuanning actively and actively participated in the discussions and contributions of the ChaosBlade community. He not only participated in the improvement of the official website document construction, but also actively participated in the contribution of bug fixes and features of multiple modules, and submitted as many as 25 PRs involving chaosblade-operator, chaosblade-exec-os, and chaosblade-website. Meet the community's expectations for continued contributions to Reviewer. Congratulations Yuan Ning! For details, see promotion Maintainer pr Maintainer Certificate:

Message from the new Maintainer:

_I am honored to be promoted to ChaosBlade Community Maintainer. In the future, I will try my best to fulfill the responsibility of Maintainer and work together to build ChaosBlade. I firmly believe that ChaosBlade will be stronger with the joint efforts of everyone. Here you can exchange questions and answers, improve your skills and challenge technical difficulties. Whether you are a novice or a Daniel, as long as you have time, enthusiasm and willingness, you are welcome to join the community, participate in contributions and embrace ChaosBlade.

ChaosBlade has been adhering to the idea of open source since the project was launched. The current community development and ecological construction are inseparable from the joint construction of various enterprises and community students. At present, we are in a critical stage of development. The open source contribution team is actively recruiting contributors. We hope that more students will participate in our open source construction and participate in community construction and code contribution: