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Version: 1.7.2

Issue submission and handling specifications

Issue submission specification

  • Please make good use of the issue search function, and make a full search before submitting an issue, confirm that there is no relevant existing issue, and then submit a new issue
  • When submitting an issue, please provide as detailed information as possible according to the template, so as to facilitate community contributors to reproduce, locate and confirm the problem
  • Issue lists should aim to be readable and retrievable, issue submitters should summarize titles meaningfully and easily retrievable, keeping the content correct and complete
  • Please reply to the issue after the issue is resolved to provide valid information for other developers who view the issue
  • Please pay attention to the issue in time, and look forward to interacting and discussing with you in the process of solving the problem. Issues with no feedback for a long time will be closed regularly
  • In order to ensure the diversity of the community, please use English as much as possible to participate in the communication

Issue handling specification

  • Issue rotating committee members should tag new issues with the correct tags and be responsible for assigning community members to follow up on the issue
  • For issues with missing necessary information, the rotating committee members should guide the issue submitter to supplement the complete information before processing
  • Rotating committee members will regularly close issues that have not received feedback for a long time
  • For issues related to code such as bug fixes and feature enhancements, developers please reply under this Issue and inform others about your work content and expected DDL