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Version: 1.7.1

Environment Prepare

Installation in Kubernetes Environment

First, Kubernetes cluster prepared

Before using it, ensure that the Kubernetes cluster is deployed in the environment. If the Kubernetes cluster has not been deployed, you can follow the following links to complete the deployment:

  • Kubernetes
  • minikube
  • kind
  • K3s
  • Microk8s

    ⚠️Attention: Your Kubernetes server version must be no less than version v1.16. Get version information,please enter kubectl version

Second,Helm prepared

Ensure that it is installed in the environment Helm。 To see if Helm is installed, run the following command:

helm version

Here is the expected output:

version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.4.2", GitCommit:"23dd3af5e19a02d4f4baa5b2f242645a1a3af629", GitTreeState:"dirty", GoVersion:"go1.15.5"}

If your actual output is roughly the same as you expected, the Helm has been installed successfully.

️Attention: The commands in this article will use Helm v3 to manipulate the Chaos Mesh. If the version of Helm in your environment is v2, please refer to将 Helm v2 migrate to v3Or change values in the format of v2.